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HWG Delicacies

HWG Delicacies

HWG stands for Het Waar Genoegen i.e. "the authentic relish".

At HWG we offer amongst others our fine meat products freshly sliced on the spot, or processed in flexible and creative catering solutions for private and business customers.

With more then 25 years of experience we're more then ever convinced of the importance to keep artisan quality, culinary savours and freshness at the core of our company values.

Since 2011, HWG Delicacies is also the driving force behind MiXiT Fresh!. MiXiT Fresh! produces ultra fresh products which are combined into a complementary range of trendy lunch solutions.

The combination is a unique and comprehensive range of fresh food that allows us to deliver various catering solutions for gatherings in the morning, at noon, in the afternoon or even in the evening.

Our business is active 6 days a week. You can order on the spot in either shop, via mail and also through ! read more....

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