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individual sandwiches

Our Cafeteria Service Concept :

Simple & healty lunch service for small & medium sized companies that have their own cafeteria and want to offer lunch to employees. This food service also targets (small) hotels. In our brochure we elaborate on the benefits of offering lunch to employees.

Fact :

Belgian tax legislation is more favorable for companies that offer employees lunch instead of meal vouchers.

Our goal :

Offering a versatile, flexible and budget-friendly meal service to businesses
Our service responds to the need :
  • to eat healthy on a daily basis
  • to offer freedom of choice
  • to offer enough variety
  • to have a sociable lunch with colleagues
  • to keep daily lunch budget friendly
  • to help increase employees' sense of commitment to the company

What do we have to offer ?

A very wide range of fresh food in a well balanced selection
  • assorted fresh and sliced ​​artisan bread
  • a variety of fine delicacy meats, sandwich spreads and artisan cheese
  • a wide range of ultra-fresh vegetables and fruit salads
  • fresh quality fruit
  • daily fresh artisan soup
  • a hot dish or a cold dish of the day

We guarantee :

  • A balanced selection of our quality offerings to ensure optimal daily variation.
  • Our proactive approach allows to adapt the offer based on daily feedback.
The total package is customiwed to meet the specific needs of your company. We are convinced that this tax-deductible service is more cost effective for most companies than offering meal vouchers. In our brochure we elaborate on the benefits of offering lunch to employees.

Questions ?

Don't hesititate to call us when you have a question

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