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update 21/03

Dear Customer,

Our delicatessen shop stays open and at your service during normal opening hours from Monday to Saturday from 7am to 4pm.

Following the most recent national guidelines (18/03), please help us ensure social distancing in our shop. Therefor make sure to stay in the shop with no more than 6 customers at the same time. If you are the 7th customer, please wait until someone comes out before entering the store.

In recent weeks, we have taken the necessary extra measures to provide maximum protection for both you and our team against the Corona virus.

In the store you are asked to keep the necessary distance and to take personal precautions to avoid any further contamination. You can do this, for example, by visiting earlier or later than usual so that the usual inflow of customers is spread more throughout the day.

In the current circumstances, we see no problems in guaranteeing deliveries and maintaining stock levels of our goods.

Deliveries in a radius of 5 km around Zaventem are possible as of 30 euro.

Koen & Isabelle and the team

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Fresh Food Point is the online ordering platform of HWG Delicatessen & MiXitT Fresh ! 2 Delicacy Food stores in the centre of Zaventem where we offer our customers a wide range of ultra fresh, varied and healthy quality food. All our freshly sliced & prepared products are now available for purchase through the Internet.

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