Fresh Food Point Delicatessen

FFP stands for Fresh Food Point.

At Fresh Food Point, we offer our products both fresh from the knife and processed in a flexible & creative catering solution for private and corporate clients.

We have maintained the same values of artisanal quality, culinary flavour and freshness for over 25 years. We are on hand 6 days out of 7 to keep the range and your shopping experience up to scratch.

At Fresh Food Point, you will also find the unique MiXiT Fresh salad concept (vegan, vegetarian, halal, keto and more). You can combine these freshly prepared salads to your heart's content in a MiXiT Fresh BOWL.

Fresh Food Point offers a unique and extensive fresh range available for delivery to corporate customers in the morning, afternoon and evening. Ordering can be done on site at the shop, via email and now at


If you value artisanal taste and quality, you can visit the shop for your daily spreads, cheese, bread, fruit, vegetables and prepared dishes. You can also walk into our shop for a variety of lunch offerings or simply order from this webshop.


For companies, our numerous freshly prepared products are available whether or not combined with MiXiT Fresh's ultra-fresh products!


With years of experience, Fresh Food Point ensures seamless compilation of all orders and final on-time delivery to the customer. Our know-how means we can guarantee eizona that your lunch will be delivered to work between 11am and 12pm.

So if an order is not at your reception counter by noon, you can always call us to double-check that there is no hitch. Should this be the case due to circumstances beyond our control, we will always do our utmost to serve/pick up your order in the shortest possible time.

With its dynamic, versatile and flexible team, Fresh Food Point builds on the knowledge and logistic know-how of the past 30 years.

Our flexibility

Fresh Food Point, with a dynamic, versatile and flexible team, builds daily on the knowledge and logistics know-how of the past 30 years.

You can choose from one of the products we have put together for you on this site or opt for a tailor-made approach.

We also have a lot of experience with an integrated catering service for companies with their own cafeterias. Feel free to contact us for a tailor-made proposal.

Our history

Dits Delicatessen NV started in September 1989 with a new franchise shop on the Kerkplein in Zaventem. In 1999, the current owners took over this shop and the business grew considerably o.w.v. targeted corporate catering. In November 2008, the parent company DITS NV went bankrupt. With new suppliers and an equal if not better quality offer, the shop was given a contemporary makeover under the name Het Waar Genoegen. In 2011, MiXiT Fresh! launched its own shop and production workshop 100 metres from the HWG Delicatessen shop. In 2015, the umbrella webshop was created to offer the products of both shops in Corporate Catering formulas. In 2018, MiXiT Fresh! as a shop-in-shop concept was fully incorporated into the HWG Delicatessen shop as part of logistics optimisation. In 2024, the totally revamped webshop will be online and you will be able to find us both in the physical shop and online under the Fresh Food Point banner. With a new logo and 3 clear product groups MiXiT Fresh, Classic Fresh and Daily Fresh, we are adapting to current habits and trends.