Mixit Fresh Bowl

The name MiXiT Fresh is a logical choice. We only work with fresh ingredients that we put together or mix into original smoothie, milkshake, soup and vegetable creations on the day, each time following our own tried and tested recipes. So we offer a daily à la minute choice of different fresh soups and a range of ultra fresh salads! Our daily selection of MiXiT Fresh salads is freshly cut and composed  in our workshop. You can enhance your salad Bowl with a selection of additional toppings from the MiXiT Fresh counter.

Ultra fresh

To ensure the ultra-freshness of salads and soups :

  • the daily rotation is limited to a defined daily menu
  • we work a lot with seasonal products
  • it is best to order salads and soups that are not on the daily menu at least 1 day in advance
  • anything not included in the daily menu will be prepared especially for you as from a minimum number of persons.

Onze flexibiliteit

Voor levering aan bedrijven kan u kiezen uit de lunchformules die we voor u hebben samengesteld. We werken echter ook op maat. U kan soepleveringen afwisselen met leveringen van verse fruitmanden of smoothies. Soep kan warm of koud geleverd worden dagelijks of volgens afspraak in combinatie met koude buffetten, warme buffetten of belegde broodjes lunches.

Why MiXiT?

The idea was born in 2011 from the conviction that, as customers, you are increasingly looking for an alternative to consume something healthy between meals or for lunch. Our aim is to make the pure flavours but also the energy and rich supply of vitamins, active enzymes and nutrients available to our customers as fresh as possible.

We do this by preparing high-quality ingredients personally and daily fresh. In-store smoothies, salads and juices are prepared while you wait !

MiXiT Fresh's menu consists of dishes based on tried and tested recipes that, with the right quality and fresh ingredients, lead to delectably refreshing and healthy results in an original way.

Our offerings follow the seasons to preserve the full powerful flavour of seasonal fruits and vegetables until the end result. We do not use syrup, pasteurised juices, sugars, artificial flavourings or preservatives.

This is our way of ensuring that healthy food is also delicious and culinary excellence at the same time.